After discovering sheet music from a long-lost production of Song of Solomon, novice dancer Colette Larsen is thrust into the elite world of professional ballet. Sparks fly when she meets James Brennan, the fun-loving soloist tasked with choreographing a new pas de deux to the music, but Colette is forced to watch from the sidelines as he rehearses with the company’s prima ballerina. As Colette’s relationship with James deepens, so does her need to find the purpose beneath her latent passion for dance—a purpose that manifests in new friendships, rediscovered talents, and in the pages of Song of Solomon.

Humorous and heartfelt, this debut novel reveals a lighter side to ballet that resonates with dancers and non-dancers alike. Cantique’s heroine is witty, whimsical, and highly relatable as she navigates love and dance in the midst of a quarter-life crisis.


What Readers are Saying:

“The novel is more than a simple love story… It’s a journey of self-discovery and a tale that reminds us to pursue our passions… Cantique is suitable for a broad range of readers, young adult and up, dancers and non-dancers. Certainly many adult dancers, much like my own students, could see themselves in Colette’s story.”
– Leigh Purtill, Dance Advantage

“I finished reading it last night and found the whole experience such a joy! There were so many moments where the main character experiences or feels things that I have literally experienced or felt in my ballet journey… It just felt good to read this, and I think adult ballerinas in particular will find this very satisfying.”
– Jana Carson, Ballerinas by Night

“A feel good, quick read for adult ballet dancers…”

“The plot is unique, engaging, and extremely well structured… I found the overall story of Colette discovering the music and bringing it to life very compelling. A lovely mixture of art, history, and her self-discovery.”
– Megan Records, New Jersey

“I don’t think I’ve ever related more to a protagonist. Love the story, love the message, love the characters, love the writing. Love it all.”
– Hannah, Kansas

“Beautiful isn’t even the right word to sum up this book! It is a masterpiece of great worth… [it] healed and affirmed so much. If all books were this life changing I would need a mansion just to contain the library.”
– Kayleigh, United Kingdom

 “I absolutely adored the fact that this novel didn’t go to stardom or New York or the expected American dream of glory, but to a true and deep commitment to art and creative work for its own sake.”
– A. Hawley, Portland, OR

“It’s romantic and funny and moving… grounded in reality but still has a little bit of that fairytale that we are all looking for when we pick up a book.”
– Emilie, Missouri

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